Real Wedding: Leigh and David

First off, oh how I love Simply Bloom Photography. They are so unreal fantastic and I feel pretty dang lucky that I’m getting to share this wedding with you. Second, Leigh’s bouquet is calling my name. It really is…the wildflower feel with the lace…and of course white. Sooooo LOVELY. Please enjoy. Oh…and Happy Monday!



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7 responses to “Real Wedding: Leigh and David

  1. thank you so much Summer! 😀

  2. IN LOVE with that cake. The cascading flowers are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Josh & Amanda

    That cake is retarded cute. How funny that RACHEL also commented. Love you Rach [and you too, Summer! Keep it comin’]. xoxo.

  4. Kate

    Dear white dahilias,

    I love you.


    ps. Your sidekick, the wedding cake, rocks.

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  6. LOVE the lace around the flower stems…..So precious!

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