Real Wedding: Tanya and Marty

The umbrellas in this downtown Seattle wedding immediately captured my heart. Oh how lovely a rainy day wedding can be. If you’ve got a cloudy forecast, I say just arm yourself with some adorable umbrellas like these, and you’ll be set! Marty and Tanya also incorporated many eco-friendly touches in their wedding, including reusable grocery bags as favors. Of course their bags were custom printed with a design that tied in to their stationery. Darling!

Thanks to Sally at Sea Studio for sending this wedding over! Check below for additional vendor info.

Venue: The Antheia Ballroom
Florist: Elements in Bloom
Catering: Chef to Go
Decor: Chic Celebrations



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12 responses to “Real Wedding: Tanya and Marty

  1. Those umbrellas are adorable. Those are exactly the color and style of shoe I am looking for, but I can’t see the designer’s name. Do you know what shoes those are?

  2. Love mismatched umbrellas, they add a nice bit of quirkiness to the photos.

  3. Thanks so much for the feature!! I’ll try to find out who makes those fabulous blue shoes. 🙂

  4. How adorable do the umbrellas look? Such a chic combination – I love this much more than parasols. Thanks for sharing this! The couple looks so happy!

  5. Love the post! Thank you. Just wanted to give a shout to bella umbrellas for the fantastic and colorful umbrellas we used. The shoes were purchased at DSW Shoes and they are designed by Kelly & Katie. They came in purple, silver and blue. Fabulous!

  6. I just adore all of those umbrellas. If it only rained in Phoenix. I would have a collection of lovely umbrellas.

  7. So gorgeous! If only it rained more in Texas! =)

  8. Love those bags. Any idea where she had them made? It’s just a great little idea!

  9. Those umbrellas make the difference. Lovely shoots

  10. Yay for those umbrellas! Like little pops of sunshine on a drizzly day 🙂

  11. such lovely details. the parasols especially.

  12. Umbrellas are good for protecting against the sun as well as the rain all you Texas and Pheonix peeps. Bella Umbrella ships around the US. The bags were made by

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