Postcards and Pretties

Wowza! Chris from Postcards and Pretties (she’s new to the blogroll, so give her a warm welcome!) emailed me last week about her blog and completely blew me away with her inspiration boards. I’m totally in LOVE. You must add her to your daily reads!!! Check out a few of my recent faves… (For sources, be sure to click on the links!)…

Sunny and Snow

Birch and Greens

And my favorite, Pink and Gold



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12 responses to “Postcards and Pretties

  1. love all of them, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I never tire of drooling over inspiration boards and I have now found a new favorite source!

  3. Wow – these are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing (I’m adding this site to my “dailies”)!

  4. ooo – agree! thanks so much for referring us. love, love the sunny & snow board.

  5. I personally love the monogram ties!

  6. thanks for sharing, summer! i’ve got another lovely daily read to add.

  7. Thank you for sharing these with us. I love her work and I’m going to check out the rest of her site! Beautiful!

  8. i’m in love with the wedding cakes in each of these three collages. beautiful bits of inspiration.

  9. These are incredible! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. jessica

    will definitely be following, thanks!

  11. LOVE postcards & pretties…I’m SO glad you shared her links…she’s completely talented and has SUCH an eye for putting pretty things together!

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