DIY Friday – Pom Garlands

I found these here, but couldn’t find an original source. Though I’m obsessed. How cute would these be for a shower? They look like they’re made from fabric. Anyone have a “how-to” source, let me know!



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25 responses to “DIY Friday – Pom Garlands

  1. they are so cute! I think I saw it on Once Wed.

  2. Ooooh they are so cute! They kind of remind me of a loofah.

  3. Just looked at the Once Wed link – love these. I would have never thought they were made with the little Chinese lanterns.

  4. Jamie

    Dolci Odille by way of Once Wed

  5. I love these! I made them for a baby shower when I saw them on OnceWed and instead of Chinese lanterns I used foam spheres. Worked perfectly, just use a cool temperature glue gun.

  6. Kayla

    Hi love… they’re from Once Wed. I think I put the link through the picture if you click on it from my blog.

  7. kd

    I think I’ll make some of these for my sister’s baby shower.

  8. They’re fantastic. I tried them for a tree topper too. I could only find an 8″ lantern, so it took me ages to complete.. but perfect for our (then) extra large tree.

  9. Hi there,
    Wanted to share with you photos of my wedding 3 years ago today! We eloped!

  10. Janah

    A friend of mine ordered these from a shop on etsy. Search for pom poms & you’ll find it.

  11. Yay! Love these little garlands of joy!

  12. sofei

    They are so cute!!! I love them! Thanks for sharing! If you know how to make them, would you please share it too? Thanks so much!

  13. sofei

    oh…..I just checked out the link by Roseanna in the comments here. It looks easy to make! : )

  14. We used something like this in our wedding. My wife had a team of friends who made them. Afterward, we used them on the xmas tree. They make great photos too!

  15. serena grace

    so cute!

  16. Jolie

    You can get the paper versions at a Michaels craft stores. If you don’t like the paper, tissue versions, you could at least see how they are made.

  17. Found these on orangekisses site. They are fabulous!

  18. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  19. super easy to make with tissue paper! Get about 10 sheets together, fold back and forth like and accordian, pinch together and wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle, cut the ends in a petal shape, then slowly start to peal the layers of tissue paper back, be very careful they tear easy!!

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