Retakes: Katie and Tom

Remember picture day in elementary school? I’m sure more than a few of us have FABULOUSLY traumatic stories that involve haywire bangs, muddy mishaps or an outrageous outfit gone wrong. (Note these AMAZINGLY awful yearbook photos of Ryan Seacrest and a few fellow celebs).  And then there were those of us that were absent on picture day. Oh the horror of missing out on infamy in one’s yearbook! So the photographer always had “RETAKES”. If you picture was horrible, if you didn’t keep your bow in your hair like your mom instructed, or if you were suffering from the chicken pox, RETAKES worked it out.

That brings me to this beautiful photo shoot by photographer Jacob Mariano. He took the gorgeous Tom and Katie out for a photo shoot to make up for wedding photos that never happened. Seven years after being married, the couple looks completely in love!

I’ve got to ask: how many of you would love wedding retakes? Maybe you had a horrible photographer, or an outta control dress that you totally regret, or an elopement with no photographer, much less a portrait session. I’m a huge fan of this idea and I’d love to see more of it! What do you think?


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8 responses to “Retakes: Katie and Tom

  1. My wedding was perfectly lovely but definitely, as you say, out of control. We tried to please too many people and let way too many voices to be heard so in the end it really didn’t have anything to do with us. We’ve been married for five years and now I’m planning a renewal of our vows just so we can finally have that dream wedding day. And we will absolutely have dreamy pictures to remember it with.

  2. Julie

    I would LOVE wedding retakes. Actually, I would love a whole wedding do-over only this time, with money to spend. I’d also get you to coordinate the decorations instead of asking you to play the piano. ha! Danny and I have talked about wedding retakes for our 10 yr anniversary this year. We’ll see… 🙂

  3. This is the best idea EVER. My husband always talks about renewing our vows…I’d much prefer to skip out on a formal ceremony for a fabulous photography session followed by a great dinner with good wine. Perfect idea!!

  4. Grey

    Awwww! Thanks Jules! Haha. You should totally do retakes though…you would look STUNNING!!! Aaaand…you can just borrow a dress instead of buying one!

  5. We’re planning to do a “trash the dress” session as a couple, as our “retake.” Our wedding photos were total crap, photography four years ago wasn’t what it is today. 😉

  6. I’m a complete fan of this idea! Although we liked our photographer, there are SO many incredible photographers out there who’s work I didn’t know about at the time, and having wedding portraits shot by them would be fab!!

  7. I love the idea! My photog was awful and it’s my goal to have retakes done before our 5th anniversary! Maybe even in a trash the dress style:)

  8. had to kirtsy! loved this…and they still look like babies! must’ve gotten married when they were ten, yes?

    well done.

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