Engaged: Alex and Doug

Oh how I love photographer Sarah Rhoads. EVERY time I go to her blog, I fall more in love with her work. I emailed her the other week for something fabulous, and of course she had oodles of goodies to offer up. I’m loving this chilly engagement session…who ever said your photo shoot requires perfect weather? This couple braved a little wind, and I must say, their photos are all the more lovely. And I can’t get enough of the plaid! I hope you enjoy!



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10 responses to “Engaged: Alex and Doug

  1. These photos are so adorable! They remind me of a really great J.Crew ad or American Eagle or something. So cute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful couple. You are totally right Sarah…a great JCrew campaign!

  3. these pictures are perfect. love the energy.

    thanks for sharing,

  4. Just what I was thinking, Sarah! Looks like a beautiful catalog shoot. Lovely looking couple!

  5. Oh Sarah Rhoads. Just love her to pieces. These are so full of life.

  6. I agree–love her photography! Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. love love love that pebble shoot!

  8. Love this post.. always impressed with Sarah!! I was just up in the northwest and I love this shoots vibe! So great!! cheers from kyle at s28..

  9. Liz

    Can’t resist Sarah Rhoads! Her photography is so amazing!!!

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