Merry Christmas!

Trever Hoehne, my brother-in-law and subsequently fave photographer ever, took a few pictures of our family while we were up at the cabin. They are so festive and snowy, I thought I’d share. Hope your holiday was fabulous!


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16 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. These are gorgeous!! They look like a magazine ad. Merry, merry (day after) Christmas to you!

  2. ~K

    These are amazing….they look straight out of a magazine.

  3. Very lovely shoot!

    What a beautiful family you have – everyone looks so happy together.

  4. Gorgeous! Everyone in your family is freaking beautiful! 😉

  5. missyap

    Such a beautiful family and amazing pictures! J.crew is that you?

  6. utterlyengaged

    such a beautiful family! love them!

  7. Toooo stinkin cute! Sure wish Texas could have a snowy white Christmas.

  8. bennettwilliams

    You have the most photogenic family ever! It’s like a jcrew ad. Great photos!

  9. Brie

    Beautiful Pictures! Can you tell me where you got the cream plaid scarf, i have been looking for that scarf everywhere. Thanks.

  10. Grey

    Hi Brie! I got the scarf from forever 21 fairly recently. Hopefully you can find it still!

  11. let it snow!!! It looks like you guys are having a blast =) -san diego could use some snow!!

  12. Grey

    Haha. So could the OC! We had to drive up to the mountains. If only we could live by the beach AND have four seasons. Hmmmm….

  13. Ooooo you are one of the beauties related to Trever! Lucky girl! His photos are to die for! I desperately wanted him to shoot our wedding, but unfortunately the budget did not allow for all those out of town travel expenses. I am satisified with loving his work from afar! Beauitful photos of your family! Happy New Year!

  14. So all the girls of the family look like top-models ! Wow! 😉 Gorgeous photos!!

  15. Mai

    Adorable pictures!! I love the wardrobe *wink wink. See you soon Summer!

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