Engaged: Kentucky by way of Boston

Josh from Bella Grace Studio sent over this engagement session, and I had to share some of these photos. The couple is from Boston, but decided to do their engagement session in Kentucky, when they were home for Thanksgiving. I love how classy-southern-autumn it is. Totally adoring the boots and scarves and pea coats. What’s best is, this couple chose to shoot photos in their hometown, conveying their roots and personality. So…if you are looking for ways to make that engagement session a little more personal, consider choosing a significant location that means something to you.


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4 responses to “Engaged: Kentucky by way of Boston

  1. Very cute engagemenet session! Love her outfit!

  2. michelle

    very pretty!

  3. david-rita

    beautiful-beautiful love the setting very much. couple is sharp as well.

  4. Love everything about this. Great style in clothes meshed with a perfect backdrop. Very fun!

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