Real Wedding: Lake Tahoe

Caroline and Dan from Tinywater Photography sent over this absolutely TO DIE FOR destination wedding in Lake Tahoe and I’ve gone nuts. I really have. I think this is the longest post I’ve ever done. Because I just couldn’t choose between these photos. So you’re gonna have to deal with a TON of pretty stuff today. Ugh, right? Hope you enjoy!


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8 responses to “Real Wedding: Lake Tahoe

  1. Chelsea

    Does anyone know where this wedding took place in Lake Tahoe?

  2. Grey

    I’ll try to find out!

  3. What a beautiful scenery! Oohh…, the deck with those big trees behind them. : ) I have saved that picture!

  4. ams_319

    I am planning a wedding at lake tahoe next summer and would LOVE to know where this wedding took place if anyone can give me any info? The research is not coming along quickly…. thanks!

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  6. Joanna

    I’d love to know where this was, as well! Thanks!

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