Engaged: Poppy and Wes

My boyfriend and I have this secret dream of raising our kids on a ranch. It’d be so earthy and back to nature. But every time we mention it to our families, they freak out; one, because there aren’t any “ranches” within a 25 mile radius and two, what in the hell do we know about ranching? Two strong points. Until we figure out how to satisfy our desire for wide open spaces (can’t not insert Dixie Chicks song which is now on replay in my head…UGH) we’ll have to settle for some eye candy. What could be better than a super hot couple running around a ranch in Austin, Texas? I can see myself there now….

April Rankin sent over these fun-tastic photos of Poppy (I die…what a cute name!) and Wes. The couple’s story is classic city meets country and my insane jealousy for such a situation has not stopped me from sharing this here yee-haw session with you.




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12 responses to “Engaged: Poppy and Wes

  1. Amy

    Super fabby pics. Go TWINty Photography

  2. Stephanie

    You girls have such a creative eye!

  3. aunt becky

    You girls are FABULOUS, but I always new that. Don’t forget us little people. xoxo hugs,

  4. Daddy Don

    Great pics, the really capture Wes and Poppy’s personalities and energetic spirit..

  5. Bobby Purcell

    These pictures are fabulous! You girls have an eye for the creative. It’s great fun to see such a happy couple.

  6. ummm WOW… these are freakin awesome and sexy and stylish and fun and cute and hot! LUCKY couple!!!

  7. Love the pictures! They are such a cute couple. The last picture makes me want to sing “She thinks my tractors seeeexxxyyyy…..”

  8. Kim

    Super work! Yall are just AWESOME! Love the pics!

  9. Wow. These shots are so fun and sexy too…, they’re gonna be so glad they have them years from now!!!

  10. Brittany of Lexington, KY

    BEST engagement shoot I’ve ever seen! Seriously, I’m in love with this shoot!!! I plan on doing something similar for my TTD session next spring. The last shot on the tractor is super sexy! Probably my favorite pic of all.

  11. The hammock shots are smokin’! Great work and I’m totally jealous of the name Poppy.

  12. Karen

    Love the cowgirl boots-great excuse to live on a ranch.

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