I had the absolute pleasure of getting to help out with Utterly Engaged‘s November photo shoot yesterday. Words cannot explain how big my designer crush is on Paige, from Bash Eco Events and Kelly from Succulet Love Designs and Yes, Please. Their styling, inspired by their board below, blew my mind. And I swear, I’m totally not exaggerating. I almost shed a tear…partly because I was so jealous of their amazingness and partly because their work was just that great. Can’t wait for you to see the November issue of Utterly Engaged, but until then, you’ll have to check out the hot-off-the-press October issue.




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4 responses to “Speechless!

  1. Woo I can’t wait to see what you have done ! The preview looks very interesting !

  2. Summer! Thanks for the kind shout-out, we are thrilled you liked our design. xo

  3. Can’t wait to see it!…already looks great!

  4. what a fun shoot! I LOVE the styling…super adorable! thanks for sharing…xoxokadie

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