Milk Pod Studio

As promised, I wanted to share a bit more of Milkpod Studio’s work. I can’t tell you how much I love fabric…all the texture and patterns really get my heart racing. So of course these bouquets and boutonnieres have me in a tizzy. These are definitely in the running for my bouquet, particularly because Milkpod Studio offers custom colors and custom orders!



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4 responses to “Milk Pod Studio

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  2. Super fun. I mean, certainly not so great as FRESH flowers… but uber fun. 😉 I could definitely see using these for an engagement shoot!

  3. oh my, the textures are incredible. thanks for the introduction. xo

  4. Ooh so lovely, and finally a floral arrangement I probably can’t kill in record time…probably!

    xx Kit

    P.S. I want to hug your blog. I don’t know if such a thing is possible, but I’m willing to try.

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