Real Wedding: Ryan and Tennille

I had the privilege of meeting many GREAT photographer’s at last week’s workshop. One of them was Rachel Clare, who has kindly sent over Ryan and Tennille’s sweet little real wedding with some really fun pops of orange that you might enjoy! Happy Friday!!!









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9 responses to “Real Wedding: Ryan and Tennille

  1. TH

    This color is soo pretty!

  2. gorgeous! i love his turquoise cufflinks and her awesome silver necklace… definitely a departure from the norm!

    i just might be stealing a few of these ideas for my november wedding!

  3. I would never think of orange as a wedding theme, but this color is so fresh and pretty.

  4. I really loved Rachel Clare’s images, too! She’s a great photographer and this images are particularly pretty.

  5. Nice images Rachel Clare! Love the pop of colour! Nice!

  6. Jen

    Way to go Rachel! Fantastic work!

  7. those orange pops of color is amazing! What inspiration:)

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