Engaged: Meg and Devin

I love this session by Meg Griffiths partly for the adorable red shoes and partly because I love props. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Props are SO great for engagement sessions…a bike, a horseshoe, a lollipop, or balloons…Anything photo worthy that will add character. If you’re looking for ways to mix up your engagement session, use props! Or red shoes. Either way, you can’t lose.







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12 responses to “Engaged: Meg and Devin

  1. TH

    her shoes are awesome!

  2. And apparently Anthropologie clothes are a must 🙂

  3. Grey

    Darn you Anthropologie for being so dang cute. My wallet aches.

  4. That is the best dress from Anthropologie (one up top). Both me & my bridesmaid bought it (not knowing that the other purchased). I love that the girl in these pics paired with those adorable red shoes.

  5. sari

    they are so cute!!!!

  6. why does a bike make every photo look so cool?? love it! thanks for sharing!

  7. super cute engagement shoot.

  8. My clients are the cutest! Thanks for blogging about them! Their wedding is this weekend, going to be a great one! We will have to send you the pictures!!!

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  10. Ahhh, they are too cute. I love her red shoes. The whole shoot looks very eastern european…I love it. Thanks for sharing this. They obviously love how their photos turned out. I want her shoes…lol

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