Tai and Mia: One Minute Wedding

Oh how I love The Flash Dance. Michael just sent over a video for me to share with you all that I really love. Not only is the song absolutely perfect, but I love how you can see the entire wedding, toasts and all, in one and a half minutes of cute. Just utter cute. I’d like one of these for my own wedding. Wouldn’t you?

Here’s Michael’s breakdown of the wedding:

Tai & Mia had a beautiful outdoor wedding out at Tierra Rejada Ranch. The weather was perfect and their friends and family were really into dancing their faces off! Well I obliged…I gave them everything from Prince blended with Daft Punk, through Lynyrd Skynyrd blended with Eric B & Rakim! It was so good to see the older guests dancing along side their friends and even a few children… Really was quite a party.



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8 responses to “Tai and Mia: One Minute Wedding

  1. joane

    wow. WOW. WOWWWWW! i love this. kinda got me teary. what a great idea. thanks grey.

  2. Oh how I love Johnny Cash!

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  4. kim

    so glad i booked michael when i did, judging by the amount of press this guy gets it’s going to bs hard to find an open date!

  5. Love this! Always wanted to use this song for my own wedding! Yay! Love Michael & the Flashdance!

  6. megan

    i would do ANYTHING to have one of thesse of my wedding! srsly amazing. heading to flashdance now. thanks!

  7. Eliza Lewis

    I love your blog, Summer! I’ve been married for 2 years now and I wish I could do it all over again because you post the cutest wedding ideas! Can’t wait to see pics from Jessica Claire’s workshop. Have a great weekend!

  8. So cool! I really love the song too. Perfect for the clip.

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