Dear Time Warner Cable…

Why are you still in business? Everyone hates you.




Dearest Readers,

Grey Likes Weddings is still here. I promise. This is the longest I’ve ever been away, and I promise that the only reason is because of Time Warner Cable’s FABULOUS (note: sarcastic/irate tone) service. I actually googled “I Hate Time Warner Cable” and found over 600,000 results. (Note my favorite article about hating Time Warner Cable). I suppose I’m not the only one then.

Posts coming forthwith. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Much Love,




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7 responses to “Dear Time Warner Cable…

  1. Yes, yes, YES! TWC gives me a pain in the arse. 😉 I loved that article, particularly the bit about “indeed any service organization that thinks the world has not moved beyond the 1950s, when there was always a little woman at home to let the repairman in.” So true. I commiserate with you.

  2. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them.

    I feel very similar towards Cox Cable. Again, we’re without internet & cable for the first week after moving. They just don’t show up… and then it takes a week to get them out again. Cheesh!

  3. after we chatted yesterday it happened TO ME TOO!!! get out of here time warner!

  4. ugh, our time warner is out too. it kills me.

  5. Julie

    I hate them too!!! I feel your pain. My TV reception has been pixelated for 2 years now — I think they call it microblocking? Aargh. They are the worst. Looking forward to the resumption of posts…

  6. Mimi S

    We call them Time Waster Cable. Took them like a month to set up our TV. Horrible!

  7. g

    This post made my day. I teach my kids to try and never use the word hate. I told them last week that Time Warner was excluded from that rule. The biggest stress bomb in the world. They stink!

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