Engaged: Paul and Lisa

I hope you enjoyed your long Labor Day Weekend. It really does feel like the kickoff to fall. Who doesn’t love the idea of fresh school notebooks, new clothes, cooler temperatures, falling leaves, reinstituting the fireplace and cooking soup. I LOVE FALL!!!

Anyhow, this engagement session is a little toast to the fall. I love that the couple chose such great colors to wear. They are a great example of how successful really bold color can look in your engagement pictures. I say, strap on some courage and go for it!

These lovely photos were shot by Jenny Haas of Golden Owl Photography.

lisa49 copy

lisa60 copy

lisa23 copy

lisa65 copy

lisa77 copy


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3 responses to “Engaged: Paul and Lisa

  1. adorable. and do you have any idea where the last photo was shot? what an incredible location!!!

  2. Lisa

    Hey!! this photo is of me and my fiance at the Dayton Art Institute. It is a beautiful place!!

  3. Jenny Haas is a great photographer, she always captures emotion, and has real locations for her backdrops!

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