Real Wedding: Sarah and Jeremy

The ineffable Gabriel Ryan Photography has gone and shot Sarah and Jeremy’s SUPER rad wedding, which as luck would have it, gets to be shared with you here on Grey Likes Weddings. I SWOON over the bridesmaid dresses and all the simple touches that really make this wedding so unique! A major special thanks to Carlie and Gabriel for sending these over!












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21 responses to “Real Wedding: Sarah and Jeremy

  1. Aimee

    Did they hodge podge those letters? Adorable!

  2. I love Gabriel and Carlie! They shot our engagement photos and wedding photos!! What a gorgeous wedding… wow!

  3. I love that you said “SUPER rad.” Totally made my day.

  4. Katie Jo

    does anyone know where the bridesmaid dresses came from? Are they all the same brand? Soooo cute!

  5. Layne

    I seriously love those dresses too! I want to find out where they came from! That’s exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for for my bridesmaids!

  6. Aimee

    Ah, thanks for the link! I must say I l-o-v-e your blog! I check it everyday!

  7. Grey

    Yay! I love everyday checkers!

  8. Rachel

    I love the dresses too! Where can they be found?

  9. Agreed – please help us wedding planning ladies find these bridesmaid dresses!!

  10. Grey

    I’m working on finding out! I’ll keep you posted if I do!

  11. The lemonade stand is brilliant! I love the navy BM dresses.

  12. Amber

    I have been searching and searching for bridesmaid dresses and I want these! Amazing! Where are they from?

  13. Grey

    Carlie is working on finding out where the dresses are from! As soon as I know, I’ll post! Crossing fingers.

  14. Sarah

    Ahhh this is my wedding! I didn’t even know it was here! To answer your question about the bridesmaid dresses they are all different! I just so happen to have amazing friends who totally rocked it out. One is from macys, another forever 21, Windsor, and even target!!! There is so much out there right now that there is so no reason to spend a ton.

  15. So cute, some lovely ideas there

  16. Grey

    Wooohooo!!! Thanks for letting us know. Your bridesmaids TOTALLY rocked it!

  17. Amanda

    This wedding is beautiful. Does anyone know where the bride’s necklace is from?

  18. Jackie

    hi. love the pictures. May I ask where is your dress from Sarah? Its beautiful.

  19. Jessica

    Love the BM dresses as well!

    But what about the Groomsmen socks!? Where are those from? I’m looking for some colorful ones for my men, but I haven’t had much luck yet. I know Urban Outfitters usually has some, but not so far.

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