Engaged: Alecs and Raluca

Alecs and Raluca’s engagement shots were taken in Albufeira, Portugal, by Razvan Photography. I’m absolutely loving all the bright colors, as well as the pseudo lifstyle take on the engagement shoot. It feels like “a day in the life of…” Alecs and Raluca. As you watch them pick out a newspaper, enjoy lunch, and then head to the beach for some ice cream, the shoot as a whole possesses a storylike approach that is more personal and revealing. This is especially a great concept if you feel worried about posing yourself, because things come more naturally when you’re doing what you’d normally do. Not that most couples NORMALLY change outfits mid-date and stop for romantic moments every few feet. But you know what I mean.

Special thanks to Razvan for sending these in!








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2 responses to “Engaged: Alecs and Raluca

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  2. Ralu

    Hello all. I am Raluca, the future bride who is very lucky to have a friend so talented as Razvan :). I’m very proud to be such a fameous fiancee after this photo session.

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