Hand Typed Invitation

Remember Pete and Kat’s engagement shoot that was just featured? Well crafty Kat decided to hand type each of their invitations. Um, excuse me? Soooo cute. I just died. And SUPER crafty. How creative/DIY can you get? Of course the photo on the front is by the ever fabulous Shannon Leith which makes it that much cuter!




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7 responses to “Hand Typed Invitation

  1. I love them! I wonder how long it took to type them all?

  2. Wow, that is really impressive. They look great! I wish I had the patience for something like that!

  3. MOG (mother of groom)

    Such dedication!!

  4. Jamie

    Kat has been so creative during her wedding planning. Even better…she is industrious enough to choose a font that looks like it was hand typed without the hours of labor it would have taken her. Creative and practical!

  5. wow – i love these! so unique.

    custom wedding postage would be a great addition to unique invites like these. http://www.weddingstamps.us/suggest-a-stamp has a tool which allows brides to plug in a few details of their wedding (theme, color, etc) and get suggestions for custom postage. Check it out!

  6. This is so clever and saves on a lot of costs, but it’s still unique! I love when all these elements come together 🙂 Now if only I could lay my hands on a typewriter….

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