Gifting: Spicing up the Registry

While on the topic of bridal showers, my friend Katie complained to me about giving gifts off the dreaded registry. As she put it: It’s so boring and impersonal! Which is funny, because although it can definitely be impersonal for the giver, it is decidedly NOT for the recipients.

Registering is a deeply personal experience…that involves Pottery Barn, a gun-like scanner and limitless possibilities. But I agreed with Katie that as the giver, one may feel a little lack luster by purchasing the first item on the registry that we’re actually able to locate within the labyrinth of said store.

HOWEVER! I’ve got a few suggestions for turning what could be an impersonal purchase, into a present that has room for your gift giving flair and panache! The key is to purchase one item from the registry and pair it with related items that you love or that means something special. (Because that’s what we really want to do…share what MEANS something to us with this special person).

I decided to come up with a few examples to get you thinking:

Pair a Panini Grill:


with a Panini recipe book:


Pair this pitcher:


With ingredients for you and the bride’s fave cocktail from back in the day, such as the “Girl’s Vodka Soda”:



and “soda”:


Or pair a few of their towels:


with a few custom ones:


Pair their flatware:


with your fave Etsy Napkins or Placemat:


Or with this lovely plate:


Hopefully you get my drift! Go therefore and be creative! (And use the registry for goodness sake!)



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9 responses to “Gifting: Spicing up the Registry

  1. Thanks for encouraging registry purchases! One of my brides was just complaining the other day about all the non-registry gifts she’d received… saying that she’s grateful for the gesture, but so many things just don’t work in her home and now she has to go through the whole rigamarole of returns, exchanges, etc. Not fun! Love your suggestion of making the registry more personal. Great idea!

  2. I browse your page every once in a while and I thought I would leave my thoughts on this. I have been married for two years, but I have to say it was nice to get things off our registry and personalized things. Now when I go to a shower I generally buy something for the kitchen off of their registry and I also make a cute apron for the bride to be. I try to do a theme of a romantic evening in and will include, the apron, a baking dish, cookie, brownie, or cake mix, and maybe a candle or something. So my suggestion…mix it up. Do personal and something the bride wants!

  3. love the plate! super cute 🙂

  4. Grey

    I completely agree! It sort of marries the registry with the personal…which is such a great route to go. I’d hate to get register and end up with NOTHING from my list. How sad would that be?

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  7. i’m with you all the way on these ideas. my only gripe with the registry is how impersonal it is… great suggestions.

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