Napkins. Why not?

I love these numbered napkins from Betsy Grace. Aaaaand…I think maybe I could figure out a way to use them as table numbers. At least I hope so. Because I’ve got them in my Etsy cart and I’m trying to figure out how to justify their purchase.


Then again, I also love these custom monogrammed ones as well. They would be a GREAT shower gift. Or just a self gift. They’ll most definitely impress your guests next time you host a dinner party.






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2 responses to “Napkins. Why not?

  1. I love those napkins! At our wedding this past July we tied a small table number to each napkin at the table rather than have any number at the center. If you could afford it (a.k.a. you have a tiny wedding), it would be great to just put the napkins at each place setting. Or just fold them and clothespin them to a stand of some sort.

  2. those numbered napkins are adorable

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