That’s right. Not DIY. DI-Why?! It’s a new feature over here on Grey Likes Weddings. Because as much as I’m all about getting my hands dirty with crafty ventures, I realize sometimes it isn’t realistic, cost-effective or worth the time spent on the learning curve to actually do something myself. And really…when I can purchase a great HANDMADE product for nearly the same price as it would cost for me to do it myself…I say, DI-Why?!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of adding unexpected pieces into bouquets. For starters, how much did we all love this butterfly bouquet (originally featured in a Martha Stewart wedding) from Yumikuki? I heart. Ever so much.


Then there are these paper flowers from Lei Chartru, which I think would be really fun, mixed in with real flowers. Am I weird for loving this idea? I think I just love the concept of combining PRINT into my bouquet. Because it’s all about mixing prints.



Speaking of print…what about plaid? These are designed by May Lynn Flowers.


Love this…imagine it in a bright colored bouquet!


Tell me what you think? Crazy or rad? I vote rad!


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7 responses to “DI-Why?!?

  1. Adore the butterflies! I have used DYI paper butterflies in 2 recent Halloween costumes (they were kinda flying around me)-loved them and so did others!

  2. i vote RAD too!! thanks for sharing and looking forward to the new feature!

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  4. Love it!! I get the same feeling sometimes after looking at all the great crafty things people are doing. “Do I really want to learn calligraphy?” I think to myself. It’s good to know other people are thinking along the same lines as I am. Thanks so much! The bouquets are gorgeous!

  5. Miranda

    It was not until yesterday when I was reflipping through a magazine that I realized where I recognized that butterfly bouquet from. That entire wedding was WAY too cute for words. Especially the groom’s tie!! Thanks for posting fabulous things.

  6. Looks cute, very creative. Thanks for sharing this great ideas.

  7. RAD! It’s also a great momento to keep from your wedding day!

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