The Beau Tie

Beau Tie. How cute is that? Beau. Not bow, but beau. I just had to force you to enjoy that with me.

So…these little cuties are meant to be a brooch…and I’m a huge fan of the idea. BUT…I don’t know. Call me crazy but I’d like to see one of these perched on the lapel of a groom (perhaps wearing a tux, no?). Maybe a smaller version…with a small flower involved. I’m not sure, but I’m just saying I’m into it. Perpetual Three came up with this super cute idea (and the super cute name) and has these beau ties available in her shop here!




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2 responses to “The Beau Tie

  1. Love it! I remember reading the Little House on the Prairie books as a young girl and thinking that “beau” was a much better word than “boyfriend.” I still think so…

  2. Hello there

    Thank-you for your wonderful review of my new ‘pins’. I was so touched to find your post – thank-you! and for directing people as to where to find them.

    Love your vision of using them in a wedding. That gives me more ideas to play with….
    Best wishes!

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