Real Wedding, French Edition: Olivier & Kerrin

I LOOOOOOVE this wedding shot by Dominique Cabrelli. Not only is the location absolutely unbelievable, but it is also oh-so-refreshingly French! Everything from the extended cocktail hour (complete with live band) to the French wedding cake (called a croquembouche) to the fireworks says “OUI, Mademoiselle!” (Oh to have fireworks at my wedding. I dream…)

I feel particularly lucky to share this wedding with you because the bride, Kerrin, is author of My Kugelhopf, a food and travel blog which has won numerous awards, but has only been around for a year! Special thanks to Kerrin for sharing her and Olivier’s special day!

There’s nothing like a little international inspiration, so here goes!





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4 responses to “Real Wedding, French Edition: Olivier & Kerrin

  1. nicole

    Wow, so magical. Fireworks, too?! C’mon… it’s too good to be true. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How lovely. I really love her bouquet…and her dress…and all of it. Man, I want fireworks at my wedding…

  3. Merci beaucoup, thank you for the wonderful post here ! Takes me right back to the wedding ! And of course there were fireworks — hey, it was Bastille Day after all ! šŸ™‚ Hope your readers enjoy and get inspired with lots of fresh ideas for their own weddings. Wish I could relive it all over again…

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