Modern Dowry: Well Dressed Bed


I’ve decided that when I get married, I’d like to find a big steamer trunk and spend my entire engagement filling up the trunk with pretty treasures to be used when my new life commences with my love. Isn’t that a lovely thought? I’d call the trunk my Modern Dowry.

And…first item for the trunk? One of these pillows from Hettle. I’m a sucker for a well dressed bed, so I seriously can’t say no to these ruffles. L.O.V.E.




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13 responses to “Modern Dowry: Well Dressed Bed

  1. nicole

    What a lovely idea!

  2. Gorgeous ruffles. I guess I’m a sucker too 😉

  3. I am with Stephanie – I am a sucker for ruffles!

  4. Jen

    Love this idea! I actually did something similar though I am still on the hunt (after the wedding is over) for the “perfect” steam trunk to makeover. Those pillows have been on my etsy wish list for quite a while now, I just love them.

  5. Go to my blog ( for more ruffly goodness! Yay for ruffles!

  6. Lovely post! Thank You so much for featuring me. Beautiful Blog!!

  7. Linda

    hi grey!
    this is so cute! do you use special software to arrange your pictures for your blogs?

  8. oooh, summer, are you thinking what i’m thinking about ruffled pillows? 😉

  9. Grey

    I use photoshop!

  10. love love love it! ruffles are the new black!

  11. what a great idea!! i can’t wait to see what else is in your modern dowry trunk!!

  12. kelly

    I started my modern dowry at 12. My hope chest is wood with three panels of carved and painted flowers on the front, and the top lid is cushioned with fabric in the same flower print. It makes an absolutely lovely window seat. My grandmother and aunts, starting when I was twelve, gave all gifts for Christmas and birthdays that I will use someday. Just last month my Nana gave me a big old quilt to put in there. My aunt gives me kitchen appliances. Everything matches. I’m proposing to my boyfriend in June, and if he says yes, we’ll have practically everything we need within a year.

  13. Grey

    That’s AMAZING!!! What a wonderful tradition to pass down! You are a lucky gal!

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