Engaged: Angela and Evan

Trying to think of creative locations for your engagement session? Why not consider the most personal of all options…your own house! That’s what Angela and Evan did and I think their photos turned out famously. Of course it certainly helps that a) their photographer Amelia Soper of The Sope Box did such a great job and b) their house is SUPER cute.









Be sure to check back later today. I’ve got a DIY post coming and a “In Case You Missed It” showcase.


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6 responses to “Engaged: Angela and Evan

  1. Katie Jo

    I LOVE the jumping on the bed!!!! So adorable.
    We have really low ceilings, not sure it would work for us, but the art direction on these photos are amazing!

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  3. chelseasteed

    These are so cute!! What a great idea. And the googly-eyed cat is fabulous as well (;

  4. ewanphelan

    Very cute – great shots 🙂

  5. snpdragn

    Oh wow. The jumping on the bed pics are genius. I love them.

  6. Wow. Amelia strikes again! What an incredibly creative, personal and lovely shoot… Angela + Evan are lucky to have her!

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