Fashionista Vista: Rosettes!

Our fabulous guest blogger Fashionista Vista (who you can read more from at Elefantitas Alegres) is back with a topic I just can’t get enough of.

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

Lovely readers, I fear I have a serious problem.  Not with the bubbly consumption (although, hmmmm).  And not with the expensive footwear purchasing (well, my husband might say otherwise but, eh!).  No, this temptress appeals to my weakness for all things pretty…


I simply adore them – from ballet flats to cocktail rings, tank tops to clutch bags – slap a rosette on it and I’ll make grabby hands and squeal like a fat kid at Ben & Jerry’s!

One of this year’s most popular embellishments, there’s no doubting that part of the rosette’s appeal is its ability to be sassy and demure at the same time.  But while wearing something so girly is sure to bring out the flirt in every girl, the trick is to rock this trend like a confident woman – and not fall overboard back into your grade school days!

In my book, there’s two ways to shop this style – apparel and accessories. Here’s my rundown on both.


Yes, I promise I do shop other places than J.Crew (I have the credit card bills to prove it!).  And yes, there are plenty of other retailers that boast clothes with great floral accents.  But, in my humble opinion, I don’t think any other designer has done high quality rosette apparel at reasonable prices and in so many variations quite like J. Crew has this year.  Silk tops work as hard as you do under jackets and cardigans, only to perform overtime as the perfect accompaniment to your happy hour dark denim or pencil skirt. Slub cotton tees made special with dainty details take your casual wear from humdrum to hip-hip-hooray.  And the dress – oh the dress! – sideline your LBD in favor of a truly extraordinary frock that is sure to turn heads!

J Crew Rosettes

J. Crew Pieces, clockwise from top left:  (1) Bell Flower Top (2) Solid Silk Garland Cami (3) Grand Corsage Top (4) Slub Cotton Swirling Flowers Tee (5) Silk Dupioni Rosette Dress (6) Textured Jersey Ribboned-Rose Tee


Jazzing up what’s already in your closet allows you to experiment with rosettes without investing in too many trendy pieces.  Scout out adornments of all kinds – dainty and petite or bold and oversized; fashioned of metals or fabrics; on jewelry, purses, and hair accessories.  To keep your look from becoming too “costume-y,” pair audacious or overly flirty pieces with more tailored attire.  And while I too have befallen the lure of multiple rosette accessories (it’s a dark place I prefer not to discuss, thankyouverymuch), let’s try and keep it at one, focal-point flower!

Accessory Rosettes
Accessories, clockwise from top left: (1) Gilded Daisy Ring by J. Crew (2) Windflower Necklace by Anthropologie (3) Summer Oreo Ice Cream Clutch Purse by Etsy Seller Davie & Chiyo (4) Kelly Cuff – Stella & Dot (5) A Classy Miss Rosette Necklace by Etsy Seller Little Jardin (6) Hot Pink Organza Double Flower Rose Headband by Etsy Seller Vie Moderne

So stop and smell the roses for me, my pretties!  And as always, please remember…

Shop Strong and Walk Tall!

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One response to “Fashionista Vista: Rosettes!

  1. I’ve just bought a vintage circa 1983 rosette and plan to wear it fabulously.

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