Engagement Shoot: Jay and Carrie

Love love LOVE this engagement shoot. If you have a thing for modern interiors, you’ll never find a better location than the rooftop of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. How rad was Jay and Carrie’s idea, not only to shoot it here, but to shoot it at sunrise? Swoon. Special thanks to Jessica Claire for letting me share her amazing photos with you!














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8 responses to “Engagement Shoot: Jay and Carrie

  1. i can’t get over all the really cool chairs in the photos!

  2. oh that green dress. it would be my summer uniform. do you know where is it from?

  3. love the picture of them standing on the chair in the middle of the pool!! soo cool!

  4. delicious. the lighting. the location. the everything.

  5. theletterzee

    hello! i just wanted to drop a note to say how much i love your blog 🙂 also, was hoping you wouldn’t mind if i added your blog to my blogroll.

    thanks and have a great day!

  6. Grey

    I always love being added to blogrolls!!! Thanks!

  7. V

    In love with that green dress – can anyone tell me where to find it!?!

  8. jaysonhawley

    Yeah I bought it for her at Saks, it’s Juicy Couture but they don’t have it… you can probably get it here http://www.stylebop.com/product_details.php?menu1=categories&menu2=5&id=11572

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