Real Wedding: Jill and Rob

What do you get when you combine a talented design savvy couple, a restored colonial town hall and Stoneblossom Design? Uh…perfection! That’s what! This wedding shot by MBV Photography and designed by Stoneblossom completely bowled me over with it’s intimate, rustic and candlelit setting. Backlit vintage doors set the backdrop for the ceremony, while the couple’s eight guests sat beneath a canopy of branches and hanging votives. The string quartet provided a soundtrack for the festivities and ogles of candles and flowers accompanied dinner. Does it get any more lovely? Special thanks to Stoneblossom for sending over photos and allowing me to share their gorgeous creation! For more on vendors for the wedding, click here.




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7 responses to “Real Wedding: Jill and Rob

  1. Lovely! So very New England, full of simplicity and charm. And what a gorgeous venue!

    PS. Congrats on that Top 10 listing- very exciting!

  2. What a beautiful celebration!

  3. AMAZING Wedding! Totally in love with this one.

  4. Grey

    Haha! Thank you. I was excited to see Grey Likes Weddings listed on Style Unveiled!

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