I Love Our Adventures

My newlywed sister called me a while back asking for inspiration for a blank wall she just couldn’t seem to tackle. We chatted, and did a little surfing and stumbled across this cutie little card from King Popcorn. This baby is HAND EMBROIDERED, which I love. I told her to frame it, and then to add a few other framed pics of her and her new husband’s adventures together: honeymoon, excursions, moving. You name it. A perfect collage.

So, it’s not like you’re gonna do the same thing, but what girl in love can resist a hand embroidered card that says, “I love our adventures”? I know I can’t!


Speaking of embroidered paper… I’d like to introduce you to my newest obsession. Thread+paper! Here are a few more inspirational finds. Eat your heart out!

: : Misty Bliss via Mint : :


: : How-to Valentines from Purl Bee : :  Click on the link for a DIY tutorial on this card…and it’s made with a sewing machine! Quick, easy and painless. (That is if you know your way around one of those confusing contraptions!)


: : Denki Ai : :


And CUSTOM hand embroidered initial notecards from Old Fashioned But Good. Excuse me??? Could these not be the BEST place cards/favors at a bridal shower? Stop the train! And… Doth my eyes deceive me??? Five for $5? This can’t be true!




I think the last time I attempted to cross stitch, I was in 5th grade and my teacher was forcing arts and crafts upon our entire class. Oh the horror! So that experience may not translate into making one of these myself. Neverthless, by your own needle or credit card, I can’t see how you’ll want to miss out on acquiring a pretty treat like these. Whether it is gift wrap, cards or *gasp* place cards, thread can only make it better!



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7 responses to “I Love Our Adventures

  1. what a great collection!! thanks for the link, too!

  2. yes, yes! i love to sew on paper… except i tend to forget to switch out the needles on my sewing machine, and i end up with 8 billion dulled needles. oops.

  3. Fantastic! Your response to your sister, and this whole collection of finds!

  4. so cute…i love that idea!

  5. great collection! the initial cards are so fun!

  6. i’m one of those power RSS skimmers who click through posts and rarely comment, but let me just tell you… i LOVE your writing. in addition to the pretty, pretty images you have, you’re one of the rare wedding bloggers who makes me stifle laughter in my cubicle! “doth my eyes deceive me???” did it for me today 😀

  7. Grey

    Haha!!! Thank you SOOO much! I’ll do my best to maintain said writing habits!

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