Real Wedding: Phil and Karen

My new photographer friend Shanni sent over these gorgeous images of Phil and Karen’s wedding and I immediately fell for the edgy city vibe of their wedding. I mean…it’s on a rooftop. In San Francisco. Enough said. But then, as I read the whole story about Phil and Karen’s wedding, I about fell out of my chair.

It turns out Phil and Karen had a gorgeous destination wedding planned for Cabo San Lucas. Invites were sent out. Flowers ordered. Officiant booked. Done deal. And then…the SWINE FLU threatened us all with inevitable death. So Karen did the unthinkable…she planned an entirely new wedding. In San Francisco. In…get this…ONE WEEK. So not only are you about to feast your eyes on a loft-a-licious wedding; you’re also about to get a grip on what one seriously organized and motivated bride can do in one week! Special congratulations are in order for this couple!



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5 responses to “Real Wedding: Phil and Karen

  1. Wow, now that’s a bride with gumption. Amazingly beautiful and to think that it was planned on the fly is even more amazing.

  2. What a truly amazing story and the photos are great. I had a similar (but not as threatening) natural disaster on our wedding weekend, so I feel for Karen and Phil. I’m so glad it worked out for them…it’s definitely a story they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

  3. Wow… one week? Seriously impressive.

  4. ONE WEEK??!!!! I am in AWE. I love how they inserted humour into their wedding stationery.

  5. Wow, that is fantastic! I can’t believe how gorgeous it all looks- it’s absolutely perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!

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