Real Wedding: Colin and Sarah

Colin and Sarah’s wedding is equal parts vintage and sweet. I’m loving Sarah’s 50’s wedding gown and the vintage door/window that they hung twine from for their escort cards. How cute is that? And the centerpieces are just too perfect! Of course the incredible photos by Love Me Do Photography are oh-so-fabulous as well! I can’t think of a more perfect Friday send off! Have a lovely weekend!




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10 responses to “Real Wedding: Colin and Sarah

  1. Those photos are amazing. I almost don’t believe it’s a real wedding!

    I love the dress, the centrepieces, the stationery. Oh my!

  2. Her dress! I swoon.

  3. The wedding – absolutely stunning, the dress – I’m out of words..

    And I just must say, as I’m in the upstart of planning my own wedding, your site has given me endless ideas and inspiration. I think it’s one of the best wedding blogs out there, and I’ve been obsessed with wedding blogs lately.. Thank you!

  4. Grey

    Wow!!! Thank you! What a lovely compliment! I hope to keep all the goods coming!

  5. what a great wedding. the bride looks amazing in her vintage dress.

  6. i love the flowers so fresh and happy.

  7. Oh, this wedding is so romantic! Love those peonies!

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  9. These photos are so professional, they almost look fake. :]

  10. Ooh, I love that fruit platter. I’m trying to figure out how to work fruit into my wedding (red raspberries, oranges, and plums will fit my color palette). I hope my caterer will have ideas!

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