SugarBloom: Tall Cupcakes

I absolutely LOVE finding fresh takes on standard fare, which is why I had to share this fun twist on a classic favorite. SugarBloom Cupcakes is taking the cupcake to new heights with these tall cupcakes (pardon the pun), elevating the status of this humble dessert.

The delicate treats are absolutely divine, but unless you’re located in Melbourne, Australia, you won’t have a chance to try them out first hand. However, I’ve got the next best option: SugarBloom’s free online tutorial for making tall cupcakes. How impressive would these be at a wedding shower? I’m not gonna lie to you though…this recipe is not for the faint of heart! I have a feeling it is totally worth it though.

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 3



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21 responses to “SugarBloom: Tall Cupcakes

  1. Oh my, these are fantabulous. Time for a baking experiment!

  2. Oh my! Oh my oh my! These are absolutely amazing!! What a awesome find. Indeed, not for the faint of heart. But golly….I’ve gotta give it a whirl.
    Wonderful post!

  3. YUMMY. I wish I was in Melbourne right now.

  4. z

    it doesn’t seem very practical to make tall cupcakes. i’d think very few people have that sweet a tooth to finish ’em!

  5. Beautiful and oh-so-yummy-looking! Is that chocolate ganache? Delish!

  6. Sugarbloom is in Perth, Western Australia, not Melbourne. I’m using them for my August wedding and I can’t wait to try their scrumptious looking cupcakes!

  7. shannon

    i’ve been doing <ahref=""<wedding cakes research and finding lots of buzz about wedding cupcakes! i think its a cool new trend.

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  10. Your cupcakes sound delicious! Thanks for sharing

  11. These are so classy! Haven’t seen anything like them on English websites. The mauve ones are fab!

  12. Anonymous

    The link to Sugar Bloom tall cupcakes tutorial doesn’t work.

  13. Grey

    Oh no! It’s been quite a while since I posted the tutorial…my guess is the link has expired.

  14. Julie Bohannan

    can you please help, i am trying to locate the tutorial for Sugarblooms tall cupcakes, however, cannot locate the link, website or any other information relating to this.
    Many thanks julie

  15. cupcake dreamer

    please can you provide a tutorial for this??? this link is broken and the blog is down….

  16. Melissa


    Can you please, please, please post the tall cupcake tutorial? I would really love to make these. TIA!

  17. Grey

    Hey guys!

    So sorry about the tutorial. It isn’t my tutorial…I found it a while back from another source. Sadly, the link is no longer live. Alas, we must just drool and imagine how they are constructed!

  18. I have a new way of making these that I find to be a little easier, and cheaper. First I use empty green bean cans to bake the cupcakes, I have found that if I spray really good, then let the cake sit for about 7 minutes after cooking in the can that it pops out well, you could also grease and flour the can. I put exactly 1 and 1/4 cups batter in each. bake about 30 min. then after removing and cooling I use a thin piece of pvc pipe to make a hole through the cupcake. I add a filling, (raspberry buttercream is great) then I use 1 lb bag of Candy Melts (any color)and about two cups of heavy cream to make a gnache,(heat the cream in microwave not to boiling, then add candy and stir) spoon over the cake, allow to set up, then i wrap with wax paper to protect and then wrap in vellum paper (you could use scrapbooking paper too if you make sure to protect with wax paper) This eliminates having to use fondant, it cuts better and taste much better. Some gnache will get on the wax paper, but not like if you used icing alone, and not having to roll out and cut fondant is great! And the cans (most any will do) have ridges that are like cutting lines, I have had alot of luck doing this:)

  19. oh, and by the way, I don’t use a lb of candy melts on one! lol that will do several!

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