Weekend Breather: Keeping It Simple

Happy FRIDAY!!! No more work for two whole days! Aren’t you excited? I’m taking off early today to start preparations for a wedding that I’m working on this weekend. While I’m designing flowers, I thought I’d offer a little reminder that we sometimes forget when we’re carried away with the stress of wedding planning.

f45c26939d74ef2a77d3a5ee612a3227f650ecc5_mvia Design Sponge

KEEP IT SIMPLE! Sometimes one stem, in a simple vintage bottle can really turn on the charm and do just as good a job as anything else. No matter what you’re doing or planning for your wedding or just for this weekend, remember that keeping it simple always does the trick.

**Announcement: Katee Grace is giving away an entire wedding photography package. Her work is absolutely beautiful, so if you’re interested in entering, head to her blog, here.

Happy Weekend!


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5 responses to “Weekend Breather: Keeping It Simple

  1. couldn’t agree more!

    hope you have time to come on over and vote… miss seeing yours in there…, maybe next time???


  2. I also couldn’t agree more. There is something so chic about a single stem.

  3. Wow!… What a great website. I love what I’m reading so far…

    DJ Lovelace

  4. I am loving the simplicity of that centerpiece setup!

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