Pretty Alcohol: A Bevy of Uses

Remember that whole “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” notion? Well, I don’t entirely agree. Especially when the cover is worth framing. Right? Anyhow, I’ve got some alcohol for you today, all from Lovely Package, that is so good lookin’, you’ll be feeling loopy without even taking a sip. I’ve even come up with three uses that will most definitely justify their immediate purchase.

Use One: The groomsmen. These fellas deserve a gift or two, and what’s not to love about a nice bottle of spirits? However, I don’t recommend a run to the Quickie-Mart for a bottle of standard fare. You’re gift will seem hurried and thoughtless. Say it isn’t so! Instead, opt for a more custom approach, with a bottle that speaks “You mean the world to us” through the label alone.




st-germainIt’s a flask and bottle of vodka in one:


Use Two: DIY Wedding Bar. Are you one of those brides who is lucky enough to be hosting a wedding in a backyard/farm/forrest/private residence? We should all be so lucky! In that case, I love the idea of a DIY Bar for your guests. You’ll be shocked at how much cheaper it is to purchase your own liquor. Why not provide a fully stocked bar with fun recipes (written on a chalkboard, perhaps) and all the accoutrements? Sounds a little crazy, but if you’re having a small wedding, I think the idea might be fun and will most assuredly cut costs. Whether or not you have a bartender, the bar does need to look pretty, so….


And how appropriate is Love Joy Vodka for a wedding? I LoveJoy it!


It’s Brandy…and I LOVE it!


Use Three: The Nest. Perhaps you love to entertain, and harken back the days when a proper host shook up Sinatra-style libations–straight up, dirty, with olives. If you’re putting together a collection of spirits, you most definitely ought to make it pretty…especially if it will be on display.




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8 responses to “Pretty Alcohol: A Bevy of Uses

  1. this is a post I can totes get behind! where’s Mr. Right already, it’s time to buy the bridesmaids booze!

  2. Great ideas! I’ve always loved the labels on the LoveJoy bottles.

  3. What awesome packaging design! My fav is the brandy.

  4. Angelique

    I am seriously contemplating using those numbered bottles as the table numbers right now….

  5. Grey

    UM…BRILLIANT!!! Amazing idea!

  6. angicita

    Where can you purchase 1000 acres vodka?

  7. Grey

    I just spent some time researching where….and believe it or not, I have no idea. I couldn’t find their site anywhere. I’ll keep my eyes peeled though. If I find out, I’ll let you know!

  8. Colleen

    I love the idea of customizing bottles! I’ve been searching everywhere to find custom labels for mini Patron silver bottles for my save the dates for our wedding in Mexico…Can you Help????

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