Love Birds

I’m all about the love birds on the cake. I just can’t say no! And Ashley Anna Brown makes a version that is not only handmade from vintage fabrics, but also priced rather nicely. How sweet?




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6 responses to “Love Birds

  1. adorable! I love the herringbone pink one the most!

  2. Heidi

    Hi, does Ashley Anna still sell these? It shows no product on her page. 😦

  3. Grey

    Hi Heidi! Doing some research to see if she does. Sad that there’s nothing up on her Big Cartel. I love her little birds. SAD FACE with you!!!

  4. Natx

    Hey! Looking for birds with these similar patterns… It seems Ashley Anna’s web is not working… Any ideas about other options?

  5. Hi! Thanks for this nice little post! Just thought I should leave a comment here to announce that I finally have a couple birdies back in my shop, and taking custom orders, in case any one here is still wondering where I went 🙂

  6. Simply beautiful! I just love hand made things because they are so orginal.

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