While perusing the interwebs today, I found myself rather inspired by all things bee. The little insect conjures up summer picnics and lemonade, which is all the more reason why I’m in the mood to pick up one or two or ALL of these finds.

How cute would a bee themed bridal shower be?

Bee Pillow from Sa-Sea Boutique


Bee Hankies from The Honey Press



Honey Bee Hive Earrings


Bee Illustration


Goat Milk Soap from Shine Your Hiney Soaps


Vive ut Vivas Gift Tags from Moth to a Flame Studio


Lotion Favor from Island Brides

Picture 1Honey Favors via Martha Stewart Weddings

Picture 2



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4 responses to “Bee-utiful

  1. how cute. maybe the bee is the new bird? meaning…maybe the bee will be the new “it'” wedding theme and take out the bird craze thats going on? So cute!

  2. Grey

    You never know!

  3. hate to brag but i’m oh so excited about owning my very own Queen Bee pillow from Sa-! Even better I WON it in a giveaway at This Young House! I say get it! Isn’t prettier in person!

  4. Grey

    What? I’m so jealous! I love the bee pillow.

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