Destination Inspiration

I recently read somewhere that destination weddings are actually a more affordable option than in-town weddings. I thought that statement to be counterintuitive, but the writer said the when you plan a wedding in a beautiful far off location, not only are you paying for less guests, but you’re also paying for less decor…why mess with perfection?

Well, I think this lovely wedding sent to me by reader Danielle and her husband Josiah really demonstrates that a stunning location is sometimes all you really need. They let the location dictate the look and feel of the day and I think the photos speak for themselves. Photography studio Rawsii took these gorgeous photos.

Speaking of Rawsii, just a little extra tid bit that the photographer flew to Danielle and Josiah’s destination wedding in Florida and shot all the photos for free, because she wanted to support the non-profit Sonny Villa that the bride and groom founded. (Which, by the way, is such a great outreach…I literally teared up when I went to their site to check it out!) How sweet is that? Awww….



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12 responses to “Destination Inspiration

  1. Its absolutely stunning. Simple & gorgeous. Who needs anything more? Loving the sparklers too.

  2. i love those bridesmaid’s dresses. kind of want one for myself!

  3. Allme

    Where are those bridesmaids dresses from? Gorgeous!

  4. jessimarie33

    This is gorgeous. We are planning a wedding for next august and just suddenly decided to make in a destination wedding, so this is great inspiration. Also wanted to tell you I love your blog(s)!

  5. What a gorgeous bride. Her dress is simply so breathtaking!! Lovely wedding.

  6. For real – that off-camera-flash sunset image is absolutely stunning…

  7. Amy from Texas

    I have to know where the bride got her dress! It’s gorgeous!

  8. SweetAdeline

    It’s Maggie Sottero… It’s called Reese. It’s my dress. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the feature! It was really my pleasure working with these two…they do SO much for others, it was time that someone do something for THEM.

  10. Thanks for the firecracker idea!

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