Accessorize with Banana

No, not the fruit. The Republic. Of Banana, that is. (Wouldn’t it be cool if that were actually a place. Yeah, I live in The Banana Republic. No big deal. Then again…maybe it does exist. My geography skills are totally sub par.)

ANYHOW! Check out some of their new goodies:

bananajewelryWho wouldn’t love a statement necklace like that? YUM. I’d like to seem some bridesmaids donning these wares.



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3 responses to “Accessorize with Banana

  1. Those earrings are fabulous.

    And not to be a Debbie Downer (I love BR as much as the next girl), but the origins of the phrase “banana republic” aren’t the most flattering: It makes me think of Central America, mostly, when you get historical about it.

  2. MN

    Thank you Kristy…I was thinking the same thing. I’ve always been apalled there is a huge franchise store named Banana Republic (a huge franchise store with LOVELY clothes and shoes and accessories). I do shop there, just abhor the name. If it weren’t for the awful political implications, the name would be cute however. 🙂

    Sorry to rain on the parade–thanks for a great blog!

  3. Grey

    Haha! I had no idea! What a sad day. It would be cute if it weren’t so marred. Thanks gals for the extra info!

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