Everyone’s Doing It…

Talking about peonies, that is. Yesterday I was at my local friendly Trader Joe’s (oh how I love me some Trader’s) and I couldn’t resist purchasing a bunch of peonies.


Wouldn’t you know, they’ve bloomed overnight and now I CANNOT take my eyes off them. I keep them in my line of vision and look over with googly eyes every few seconds like an adoring pre-teen fan. I’d get their autograph if I could.


Anyhow, these beauties are in season right now, which means they’re way more affordable AND better looking. If you’re getting married during this time of year, please, do me a favor and use peonies.


Or, just pick some up for yourself, put them in the vase, and tell them (as often as you can when no one is listening) how much you adore them.

2007-06-02peoniessmaller{Home Shopping Spy}

She looks lovely alone, or surround with a bunch of other pretty friends. (Though I think the peony makes all the other gals jealous).


Look what $6 can do? (Yes, $6…that’s how much I paid for 5 stems!)

5-8-08 peonies


And she’s mighty versatile! She can do casual and she can do fancy.



Happy Tuesday!



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10 responses to “Everyone’s Doing It…

  1. Yes! Peony-loving! My little sister is getting married a year from this weekend, and I’m designing the wedding florals, heavy with white peonies.

  2. Kate

    So beautiful! In your experience, are peonies easy to find this time of year at the LA flower market? I went a while back and couldn’t find any…perhaps they weren’t quite in season yet!

  3. Grey

    YES!!! they are just coming in season. They should be rather plentiful these days!

  4. Me too! I was at Trader Joe’s too, and I too bought the peonies. They bloomed the next day and lit up my writing desk! I’m in love…

  5. So pretty. I just posted about pretty peonies too! ‘Tis the season! The second photo is beautiful.

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  7. Tabitha

    Where can I find peonies this color at that price?

  8. Grey

    Hey Tabitha.

    Unfortunately, peonies are seasonal. Additionally, it’s actually pretty rare to find them in such perfect condition for such a low price. Trader Joes often carries peonies when they are in season, so because they buy in HUGE bulk, they are able to offer really low prices. Your local florist can fill you in on when they are available locally.

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