Three Frocks for Sun, Fun and Frolic!

Dear Readers,

No words can express how lucky I feel that we have our darling Fashionista Vista as our guest blogger. What the heck? Shouldn’t she be busy writing books? Anyhow, I’m more than thrilled to welcome her back for a new installment on all things summer!

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Summer is peaking its head around the corner (or barreling full-steam down the corridor here in Texas), and that means its crunch-time for all of our poolside, lakeside, beachside preparations. And, for some of you lucky honeymooners out there, it means a blissful tropical vacation lingering on the horizon. Having just recently returned from my own ocean paradise, I feel obliged to share with you – lovely little fashionistas – these three items that will faithfully take you from the bedroom, to the beach, to cocktails, and back again.

: : The Cover-Up That Doesn’t Look Like a Cover-Up : :

When it comes to beach attire, think flirty – not frumpy! Leave your running shorts and old college tees in your gym bag, and please, for the love of all things couture, kick that flowered sarong back to 1999 where it belongs! Instead, pair your favorite swimsuit with a gauzy beach dress, a boldly printed tunic, or a nautical number for a look that will take you effortlessly from sunbathing to umbrella-drinks at the cabana.

Lightweight Gauze Ruffle Cover-Up Dress


Shoshanna “Poolside Paisley” Cover-Up

Knot-Front Dress

: : The Knit or Jersey Maxi Dress : :

Let’s be honest here… inevitably you’re going to have one too many of those umbrella-drinks we just mentioned and you’ll forget a step during the all-important sunscreen-reapplication / perfect-tan, stomach-to-back-rotation routine.  Left in the throws of a “Oh Fudgesicle, I Look Like a Lobster” Moment, what’s a girl to do with dinner reservations looming large?

Enter: the Maxi Dress – one of this season’s hottest looks, it’s also a life-saver on sunburned skin when constructed of breezy knit or jersey.  If fitted properly and double-lined, most Maxis will rid you of the need to irritate your epidermis further with pesky underwire.  Or, if you belong to the more well-endowed sector of our sisterhood, choose a Maxi with a sturdy built-in bra (Victoria’s Secret has a great selection of bra-top dresses in all shapes, sizes and colors).

{A Note on selecting the right Maxi for your shape: If you’re petite and/or boast shapely curves, one solid color works best to elongate and streamline your figure.  If you’re tall and/or slender, take chances with vibrant prints.}

Haven “Lanai” Printed Knit Maxi


Velvet Torch Color Block Maxi


Rachel Pally White Label One Shoulder Maxi


Halter Bra Top Maxi Dress


: : The Comfy / Sexy Nightie : :

Before your Significant Others bust out the rotten tomatoes, let me say that I fully encourage the packing of seriously seductive lingerie on any and all getaways!  However, it’s hard to comfortably blow-dry your hair in that bustier and garter combo.  And that lazy afternoon spent watching the movie channels during an impromptu rainstorm?  Soooo not as pleasant if all you have to lounge in is that French maid getup.

Luckily, these little numbers will keep you feeling saucy even without the XXX rating (or the synthetic fibers!).

Super-Soft Lacey Nightgown

gp652072-00vliv01Josie Sweet Pea Chemise


Knit Eyelet-Trim Nightie


Happy Packing!  And, as always, Shop Strong and Walk Tall, Ladies!



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10 responses to “Three Frocks for Sun, Fun and Frolic!

  1. Love the Maxi dresses! Umm, built in bra, yes please! I’m looking on VS right now to see which ones I want!! YAY

  2. I have been boycotting the maxi dress based on my not-six-feet-tall, not 100 pound self, but that teal one from Vicky S. just might convince me otherwise.

  3. Loving the color block maxi!

  4. Grey

    I know, right? I am so not a 100lb Vicki model.

  5. Grey

    Built in bra: BEST THING EVER!!!

  6. I love that navy striped cover-up! Hmm…I think it may just have to go on my honeymoon shopping list. 🙂

  7. I want to live in a maxi dress.

  8. Melissa

    I suffered a *severe* sunburn on my honeymoon, and rocked the VS Canterbury Knit Nightie for two days straight (while shut up in the hotel room trying not to move). Super lightweight but not too thin, very pretty on, flattering cut, and not low cut, which is nice for those of us who have a tough time actually lounging in low-cut lounge wear (i.e., us larger chested ladies). Added bonus, it’s only $25. I highly recommend it.

  9. Grey

    ooohhh…Now I think I’m going to have to add that to my already growing VS shopping cart.

  10. Yes, Maxi Dresses better stay in style for a couple more summers… as it appears I have purchased an entire closet’s worth…

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