I know there is the whole custom option for those of you who can afford to spend a little extra on your stamps, but for those of you that are looking for a bare bone option, I LOVE these new King and Queen of Hearts stamps that just came out:




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10 responses to “Stamps!

  1. Those are pretty much ingenious and would look FABULOUS on an oversize wedding invitation. As a graphic designer, I adore stamps. They are like mini works of art. Setting out to order some now!

  2. i was SO bummed that these weren’t out for our wedding – they taunted me from the stamp calendar for an entire month!

  3. Grey

    I know!!! I adore these stamps. It makes me sick to think that by the time I get married, stamps will likely cost like a buck a piece.

  4. Luciana

    OhmyGod, I LOVE these! I must order them!

  5. JLS

    I saw these on the USPS site. They are going to be perfect for us – our reception is at a historic house called the Casino. Plus, they’re awful cute!

  6. I love these! Very Alice in Wonderland or Casino Royale to me. I have always loved card suits and kings and queens. Yay Post Office!

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  8. What if you could combine a king and queen of hearts design and be able to customize them? We did it for you! We’ll be putting them on the front page as soon as they are ready so please check them out.

  9. Hannah

    Love these stamps! In fact, I just used them on all of my invites and have already received loads of compliments!

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