Vintage Cameras

Today on Grey Likes Nesting, we’re all about vintage cameras:

This one already sold since my post this morning.


But I also found this dazzling little 8mm number and it got me thinking…


…about using Super 8mm film for wedding videos. (I know it’s not a new concept…but I wanted to share my love for real film videos!) So I got onto the interwebs, and searched and searched and searched. I wanted to find a video that had just the right vintage feel. And I believe I’ve found it. If I were to style an 8mm shoot for myself, it’d look a lot like this:

For information about videographers that shoot in 8mm film, check out Vintage Glam Weddings for a few great referrals.




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2 responses to “Vintage Cameras

  1. I just fell in love with vintage cameras and my boyfriend’s a photo major so we own a ton now. I even found one with unused expired film. You can see the pictures on my blog ( Oh, I’m also a self-taught calligrapher, so if you or someone you know is in need of someone to hand address their wedding invitations, you can send me an email. Thanks! And great idea about the film.

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