Fig & Tan

I’m sure you’re SHOCKED I’m doing this color. I mean, purple and I don’t get along right? Well, I’ll tell you what. I recently made friends with a fig, and ever since then, I’ve been okay to hang around purple. At least when I know fig is going to be there.


Sources left to right from top: 1. Snippet & Ink 2. MS Weddings 3. MS Weddings 4. 5. Elizabeth Anne Designs 6. Elizabeth Anne Designs 7. Little Bird Eats 8.Meg Smith 9. Meg Smith



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7 responses to “Fig & Tan

  1. Absolutely love the wrapped pears! Fig is a lovely color that’s often forgotten…you have officially inspired me to use it in one of my posts next week, Summer!

  2. This color combo is terrific! I think it is very sophisticated and classy.



  3. Summer, you’re a lil’ mastermind, aren’t you?! Love all your ideas… bummed that you didn’t start this until like, 8 years after I got married… even though you still did an excellent job on my flowers. Was I your first client?

  4. did you eat this fig last Sunday in San Clemente??? =)

  5. Such a delicious combination! I’m not really into purple either, but this isn’t really purple right. It’s more sophisticated and much more lovely.

  6. What an unusual combination. And so luscious!

  7. Maureen

    Love this color combo. Very classy.
    P.S. When ya’ gonna pick the winner of the wedding ring contest?????

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