If this, then that

If you are having a yellow wedding like this:

{Style Me Pretty}


Then you ought to by this for your bridesmaids:


And perhaps you’re brave enough to wear this (because I LOVE it!):


And give this to your mom to wear in place of a corsage:


And use these as your thank you cards:


And if there is any way you can manage to fit this in somehow, I’d be forever grateful!





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5 responses to “If this, then that

  1. Great inspiration. I love the corsage.

  2. I’m having a yellow July wedding in England this year. Lemons, rosemary, bunting, freesias, white peonies, yellow socks for the boys and a lot of cool lemonade. Summertastic! :-)… and pastel free so the chaps haven’t got a thing to grouse about! Yellow makes me smile & so do weddings.

  3. yellow! my fave… 🙂 gorgeous finds, as always 🙂 I think I might just go paint my living room yellow now..

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my yellow ring. Lovely finds 🙂

  5. Leah

    Im thrilled- Im also haveing a yellow wedding this July and couldnt be more excited- LOVE the necklace!

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