Found: Birch Cones

Yesterday I received the following comment on this photo from {GREY} reader, Ashley:

I am having an October wedding with a fall theme. We are incorporating birch trees into our centerpieces and I wanted to know about the birch tree hanging basket. Are they available to purchase? I would need 6 of them for the pews at my church. Thank you!


Since birch is all the rage right now, I thought I’d look into finding where one might purchase such an item. And guess what? I found some birch cones for purchase and you’ll never believe it, but they’re affordable. I can’t begin to tell you how much my “Found” posts make me happy. I think they’re my favorite, because we’re bringing you the sources right from the photos! Here goes:

Muscari sells these cones for only $10, and they come with pre-drilled holes in the sides.



And if that isn’t enough, they sell some other fabulous little ditties to go along with the look like this ring bearer ring cushion:


And these boutonnieres:




And for very well-priced birch bark tubes (especially if you’re buying in bulk for a wedding) like these, check here.


Happy day! Thanks Ashley for the comment. I’m glad I could source these for us all!


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6 responses to “Found: Birch Cones

  1. I bought my birch rounds from Pottery Barn around Christmas (I think). I plan to use some around vases. Others, I planned to convert into cones like Muscari’s! I’m hoping I’m successful!!

  2. Great finds, thanks for sharing them! I love taking a theme and running with it without making it seem hokey. Great choices!

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  4. Amanda

    I was wondering where you found the birch tubes, the link did not work. Thanks!

  5. Melissa

    Yes I am also trying to find those birch cones; but the link did not work. If you could please let me know where you found those or where I could order them I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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