Day After Session: Doug and Christine

I ran across Tim Halberg’s photography the other day and couldn’t leave his blog. After finally ripping myself away, I emailed Tim to see if I could feature this newly popular “Day After” session he recently shot in Lake Tahoe. Not only are Doug and Christine absolutely gorgeous, but they infused so much personality into the session, that I just couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

I like to give a special thanks to Tim for sharing the photos. Also, check out some of Doug’s equally fabulous work here. The first shots are from the day after session, but I’ve included a few sneak peeks from their wedding. I made Tim promise me he’d send over the images from the rest of their wedding as soon as he has them up. I can’t WAIT to see the rest.

Day after:











Day Of:







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7 responses to “Day After Session: Doug and Christine

  1. love the photography…. 🙂

  2. great photography. even better sunglasses.

  3. I love these shots. The scenery is breathtaking and the images are so fun. They remind me of a couple on this blog. SO fun.

  4. JLS

    His ring is so cool!

  5. Tim is amazing … and that sky!!?? Could it be any bluer? GORGEOUS

  6. Kelsey

    Does anyone know where her dress is from?? I love it 🙂

  7. Kelsey

    Does anyone know where her dress is from?? I love it

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