Giveaway Wednesday…er, um, Thursday?

Power cord failure put us down for the count yesterday. But I think this giveaway will most certainly make up for it. For those of you that are working on getting your new nest ready, I think you may find yourself falling in love with the fine art photography from Trever Hoehne.

Trever’s work is like Monet meets Rothko meets film. I seriously can’t name a photographer I love more than Trever. How luck am I that he’s willing to part with a limited edition print? What the heck? I want to enter this giveaway! 







Leave a comment, and tell us what you love. The randomly chosen winner will receive their choice of an 8×8 print from Trever’s Blurry Things site.

Here’s a shot of Trever’s work in a gallery. This is what my walls aspire to: 




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128 responses to “Giveaway Wednesday…er, um, Thursday?

  1. erin

    i love so many! nature 9-12 and then i adore lines 4 and 6. plus, so many of the city pictures too. they’re so spectacular for a room and such a good conversation piece!

  2. Cathy K.

    So many beauties – Love Nature 1, 3 and 9. Really love City 1 – I could see any of them in my home.

  3. cloud9

    I had Trever’s third picture as my background picture on my work computer. Love it!!

    P.S. Love that you use Trever’s pictures…he is the best!!!

  4. Erica

    Oh they are gorgeous – I have been following Trever’s work for a while now – so excited you have a giveaway from him!! I love all of the City shots. Oh, who am I kidding – I love all of the shots!

  5. LFP

    I can’t choose a favourite – these are amazing!
    – Bri

  6. Brittany

    Wow…city 01 is awesome, nature 17 is my favorite – amazing. And I love the concept of the lines group.

  7. these are so cool!

    The city ones are amazing… but I am in LOVE with the nature prints 🙂

  8. Chloe

    Ooh, I like the 2nd Nature shot in blue and white. Lovely!!

  9. Maggie

    Wow, really interesting…I like them all, though! I love the soft fluttery feeling the nature ones give, but the city ones are cool too, with noise & chaos just behind the soft image. Who could choose just one?!

  10. I really love both nature and lines. I’ve always been obsessed with obscure photos of horizon lines. And I’m so happy that poloroid isn’t completely dead. The medium is just so amazing.

  11. Sarah

    ooh, I like “city 2” and “nature 8” 🙂

  12. Kimberly

    I want all of the nature prints! So great.

  13. oh i love them all. they have such a lovely dreamy quality to them. I want to enter each of those little worlds….

  14. J. Lindsay

    Whether it be nature, cities, or lines Trevor’s work reminds me of an old, sentimental memory. Blurred with age and weathered by life, but remembered fondly because I am warmed and feel like I’m coming home.

  15. awww they are all great! i especially love the city one.. it reminds you of someone trying to remember the past. and you can easily imagine yourself walking down one of those streets. great giveaway!

  16. I adore the second Nature shot and would love it for my new apartment!

  17. Adrianna

    I love his city shots! His work is so unique and I love the way his work makes me think about the image. I don’t just glance. I stare and soak it all in.

  18. Jenna

    oh my gosh, amazing work! I want it!

  19. jennmlee

    I love the nature shots. They make me anxious for spring!

  20. Brenda

    I love the city shots the best.

  21. julie abendschein

    oh my gosh!!! please! i love trever’s photography so much! this is a great giveaway! i like the nature sequence the best 🙂

  22. So hard to choose!!

    i love city4 and nature2 the best tho!
    theyre all just so amazing!


  23. The nature series is gorgeous. Definitely inspires me to redecorate my room…

  24. I love the blurry nature series! They are simply gorgeous!

  25. Lerae

    Absolutely love them. Especially the city prints. Wow.

  26. tyler H

    I like the top right one….and i should win since i am his brother.

  27. tyler H

    can we enter more than once? britany did…and josh commented too…

  28. tyler H

    oh and sera…good try with the change to sarah…

  29. Alondra

    All of his works are extremely impressive, I could look at all his blurry things over and over again and not become bored. City 10 is a favorite.

    I may not be able to afford Trever for my wedding unfortunately, but owning one of his prints would certainly make up for it!

  30. haha. I love that Trev commented. Trying to get your own photos… geez! 🙂 You know I love everything. So. first, pick me. and then, give me whatever! I love it all!

  31. oh gosh… now I look like a dork. it was tyler, not trev. ha-yuck 🙂

  32. I love how we as photographers spend so much time trying to get everything in focus and he just goes totally opposite. These are beautiful!

  33. Patty

    The city series are gorgeous! Thanks for this chance :).

  34. Courtney

    The city series is beautiful–City 10 and City 12 are my faves. 🙂

  35. These are absolutely beautiful! So soft.

  36. Courtney Preston

    I love, love, love the 3rd nature one and the first city one! It’s so captivating how things are just slightly out of focus. What a neat perspective.

  37. I love the middle one you posted in the nature section. It is lovely and has the perfect colouring for my living room.

  38. Katie

    I just love those three nature ones. I love taking nature shots but those look way better than anything I’ve ever taken!

  39. lisa liang

    I love City01. It reminds me of a rainy night in the city.

  40. Natalie

    Oooooo these are dreamy! They remind me of the ways things look when you’ve just woken up and you’re still in that state between awake and asleep. Beautiful!

  41. I love how magical these photos make the world seem. It’s as if everything about life is a film and has some great soundtrack! I’m daydreaming about rooms in my house that have warm light where I could hang some of these prints! For people stuck in smaller-town America, it really lets you escape to what look like beautiful cities full of life.

    Love, love, love them!

  42. Emily

    All of the nature prints are fabulous! My favorite would probably be #2!

  43. Bridget

    I love the simple beauty of the nature prints. Very soothing. They are all beautiful!

  44. I’m smitten with the entire nature series! I’d hang mine someplace I would see it all throughout the day.

  45. Heidi

    I really love all three of the Lines prints, they look like they’re made to be together. If I could only choose one, I would pick the Nature print #2, the blue and white one. So soothing.

  46. meg

    i love them all. especially (like everyone else) the nature ones. all of them. any of them. they’d provide a calming influence in my studying space… a much needed calming influence!

  47. Kelly

    wow they are all so remarkable! The nature ones are my favorite and I can already picture which room in my new house I would place them. I think my absolute favorites are Nature: 12, 2, 5, 6, & 8 – I couldn’t narrow it down any further than that!

  48. Stephanie

    I would love Nature 08. This print would be an aswesome pop of color in our country chic living room. Oooh so excited. 🙂

  49. How can I choose between nature and city? They are both GORGEOUS. I love the colors of nature, but there is something drawing me into the city ones. Perhaps it’s the blurred lines of the usually sharp angles of the architectural structures that I’m digging. They almost feel more organic.

  50. Sara

    I couldn’t decide until I saw Nature 17 — stunning! I’m in love!

  51. Oh these are so lovely! I adore the city ones.

  52. Britt

    I love his work…I especially love all the city shots (2,9,10,&11 are my favs) It reminds me of traveling and brings me back to a good place 🙂

  53. Heather

    These are all so lovely– modern and airy!

  54. I love the nature prints–all of them! I live in a very blah apartment that needs some light and some charm. The nature prints would be PERFECT.

  55. I like the “Nature #11” image. Thanks 🙂

  56. beth

    i love the city prints. but i can totally see one of those pretty nature prints on my vanity!

  57. cassie

    i love every single thing in the blurry things gallery, so gorgeous!!

  58. I love this concept! It’s so unique. I love Nature 06, City 10, and Lines 06.

  59. Caroline

    I love all the nature prints! I think my favorites are 2, 3 and 8, but I’d take any one of them!

  60. I love the nature prints. They are so gorgeous! I hope I win.

  61. Kathryn

    Wow it was really hard to choose! I love City 12 because it reminds me of being in San Francisco where my fiance proposed. Amazing giveaway and they are all so gorgeous!

  62. Kate

    wow! i looooove nature 3 and city 1!

  63. Jane

    wow! his work is amazing!

  64. Cortney

    I’m loving the city series!

  65. Katie Claire

    All of the Nature prints are fantastic! Numbers 2, 6, and 8 are my favorites!

    I have my fingers crossed 🙂

  66. Christy

    OH the nature ones are all too cute, any of them would be lovely!

  67. kaitlyn

    nature #2 is my favorite and perfect for spring!!!

  68. Kylie

    I love the nature picutes. They are beautiful in an unusual and rustic way. My favorties have to be #6 and #8. Beautiful work!

  69. Margaret H.

    I love the colors! Beautiful!! I love nature 8 and 17, great giveaway!

  70. katelyn

    i LOVE city 12! captures exactly how i felt that cozy fuzzy night!

  71. elaine

    lines 2-3-4. love the dreamy abstract colors.

  72. I think I love the city ones the best, just because sometimes I have to get out and just wander down the street, and if I am doing it because things have gotten too crazy, that’s how the city seems to me. Just blurry and somewhat reassuring.

  73. blurry loveliness! i’m loving that nature series.

  74. lcccvolunteer

    love city 12, nature 8 and 17!

  75. Brooke

    The nature ones are my favorite 🙂

  76. Karlee

    What an amazing giveaway! One of the nature prints would be perfect in our new home to celebrate our outdoor Oregon wedding this summer!

  77. Shannon

    I love them all because how could you not?!

  78. Lauren

    I think Nature 08 is so amazing! I think it would be perfect as the first piece of art in our first home. Thanks!

  79. I love the flowers! Nature is a mainstay in my home decor!

  80. Must we only choose one?! Nature 17 captured my heart the most, BUT City 13 has this really cool rustic, sexy feel to it 🙂

  81. I adore city 01 and nature 08. The colors in each are so vibrant and fun!

  82. I love the nature ones!

  83. Debbie

    I think they are all great. But I really like city 9 becasue I am pretty sure it is a picture of the steel bridge in Portland where I live.

  84. Lauren

    Love the lines series. They are subtle and beautiful.

  85. Libby

    Nature 06. I think I just woke up from my nap in the park on a perfect fall day.

  86. Rhendy

    I love the BOKEH!!!

  87. Kristen Garza

    I absolutely, positively love the nature series…especially numbers 2 and 3. I can already picture them in my reading nook.

  88. ashley

    Oh I absolutely LOVE nature #2- the blue in the photo is so pretty!

  89. Wow! His work is just beautiful! I love the nature photos the most. They are so peaceful and just down right gorgeous!

  90. Michelle

    Pretty pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top PICK ME!!! 🙂
    I love Trevors work! His “Blurry Things” are so wonderful and spark imagination. I love the nature collection – its so simple and pretty. I also love the lines collection and how much they remind me of Rothko, one of my favorite artists!
    If I don’t win I think I’ll just have to save up and purchase a piece myself!

  91. He is so amazing! It’s impossible to narrow down what I love because I love all the blurry things. I mostly like the nature and lines photos….but they all are beautiful!

  92. these are great! nature 17 is my favorite. 🙂

  93. Rebecca

    Love the city pictures. He’s good!!

  94. Jamie Drake

    I want in!

    🙂 Jamie Drake

  95. Jill

    Love Nature 08! I’m a DC girl, and while I’ve moved away, it still reminds me of this time of year with the cherry blossoms (and tons of tourists). Such beautiful work.

  96. Janine

    blurry is best.

  97. lauren

    i love the “lines” set. it’s gorgeous!

  98. Chickadee

    I love the nature prints. They’re so ethereal…calm and vibrant at the same time.

  99. jessica

    love the nature ones, especially the second one

  100. i love the city, of course!

  101. mary

    I love City 10….reminds me of my street growing up on a foggy morning

  102. Brittany

    I LOVE the “nature” series…especially the one with the red berries and green background. I really like the muted colors and blurry effect–so unique and mesmerizing!

  103. I love nature 12. His work is beautiful, and reminds me of a Monet painting. Love love love it!

  104. Jen

    I love trevor’s work!! What a great give away. The Nature series is really beautiful…although my fav is City 02.

  105. LINES 01 -hands down

    it reminds me of looking at something with my eyes closed. so beautiful!

  106. Kati

    I love them all! My favorites are #3 from nature and #1 from city! Such great work.

  107. Eric

    I love the mood of his images. I could look at them all day.

  108. Amazing! The nature and city ones are beautiful and I think would make a wonderful contrast next to each other!

  109. Mary

    It’s hard to decide between nature and city…but
    I think the simple beauty of blurry nature wins. Gorgeous!

  110. I love city #10. It leaves so much to the imagination! I’m also a big fan of the colors in Nature 17.

  111. I love nature number 2! The glassier effect is fab!

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  113. i love Nature 4 and 9. I think that 4 may be a cherry blossom, which is my favorite of all things in nature. This work is amazing. I would love to own one of these pieces.

  114. wow, i love this idea. particularly the cityscapes, since they could take you anywhere! i love the bridge, and the scene with the city lights. they have such a great dreamy quality to them!

  115. Kristin

    I love the cityscapes – especially the bridge. It reminds me of the industrial towns in the midwest.

  116. Kara Jo

    All of the collections are so beautiful! I love the striking contrast of color in the city collection, the muted combination of tones in the nature collection, and the symmetry and flow in the lines collection. My respective favorites from each would be city 03, nature 08, and lines 06. It’s so easy to envision or imagine yourself inside each piece. Beautiful work.

    Kara Jo

  117. Brittany Neece

    I love the nature ones. PLEASE pick me!!!

  118. His photos are dreamy and quixotic! As an art history student, I completely agree with what you say about his work being like Monet/Rothko/film masterpieces.

  119. Absolutely diving! I love blurry nature which would work well with my blue-themed picture wall in our bedroom. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway.

  120. beautiful simplicity. perfectly done.



  121. They are all fabulous! I love the city ones!

  122. PhenieceJ

    I love the dreamy aspect of all the prints. City 13 print reminds me of inauguration night here in d.c. A very real dream that turned into a reality and it was surreal that night.

  123. Abbey

    I love all of his work! they are all so good i can’t even pick a favorite! He does great work!

  124. Jessica

    Trever’s photography is amazing! I love the middle nature picture.

  125. nature 17…can enything more be said about this perfection!

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