DIY Workshop


Our DIY workshop (which I’m now officially calling {arranged}) was totally successful. We had a spectacular time coaxing our flowers into obedience. I am extremely grateful to all of our participants and helpers! Photographs are coming soon, but I just had to jump the gun on our announcement!

The event was such a success, I’ve already set a new date for our next one: Sunday, May 31 from 3-5 pm. The location is TBD, but will be in the Orange County area. If you know now that you want to go, I’m offering an early bird special–a 15% discount–for the next two weeks only. Click here to purchase a reservation.


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11 responses to “DIY Workshop

  1. Oh, Summer, the workshop was amazing! Thank you for being so fabulous and talented…and sharing your knowledge with us! 🙂

  2. thanks summer! we had a blast and the flowers still look so pretty–just in time for my mom’s visit. 🙂

  3. Wow, you’re amazing! Just checked out Jessica’s blog with the photos. Wish you didn’t live so far away or I would def. be going to your workshop.

  4. JLS

    Yo, I just saw on Jasmine’s blog that they were there. How freakin awesome. Yet again, seems like all the cool people live in SoCal. I noticed you all were wearing shorts, too. Yeah, it like snowed here yesterday. 😦 Days like these I hate Boston.

  5. the flowers look gorgeous-wish you were doing a workshop here on the east coast!

  6. Will you be scheduling different dates for future workshops? Or do you think you’ll ever travel to do one? Maybe to….Florida, for instance? 😉 This looks like tons of fun!

  7. Grey

    I’d definitely be willing to travel if we had enough people interested to cover the extra expense! How fun would that be?

  8. roxannagrimes10

    We will be on vacation for the next one, but I would like to register for a future one with Gaby.

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